The Giant Gas & Groceries Giveaway on 96.1 SOX

The Giant Gas & Groceries Giveaway on 96.1 SOX

Listen to the SOX Wake Up Crew at 7:43am each weekday to find out that day’s winning hour. Then, listen for the Giant Gas & Groceries keyword during the winning hour. When you hear the KEYWORD, TEXT it to 717-901-5427 and you could WIN a $500 gift card to Giant Food Stores. Every Thursday, we’ll…MORE

Question of the Day

June 5

Q: 40% of people say while they’ve never done this, they’d be willing to try it… A: Hot air balloon ride

June 2

Q: Americans spend $700-mil a year on pet costumes, but only $558-mil a year on this essential item for people… A: Dental floss

June 1

Q: In the early ’70s about 15% of kids did this nearly every day…now it’s over 60%… A: Get driven to school by a parent