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  • Get your Workday going with Coffee Break Classics on 96.1 SOX
    Get your Workday going with a Coffee Break and Classic Hits on 96.1 SOX. Each weekday at 10:30am, take a coffee break with Mark McKenzie and hear three classic hits that all have something in common. Each day will have a different theme, see if you can figure it out!MORE
  • The 4 at 4:00 Classic Countdown on 96.1 SOX
    The 4 @ 4:00 CLASSIC COUNTDOWN on 96.1 SOX Each weekday at 4pm, Dennis Mitchell will count back the top 4 songs on on this date in history. Each day will select a different year and bring you a Classic Countdown of the top 4 songs on the chart at that time.MORE
  • One Hit Wonder Wednesday on 96.1 SOX
    Every Wednesday is now One Hit Wonder Wednesday on 96.1 SOX! Keep your SOX on at work every Wednesday between 8am – 5pm for One Hit Wonder Wednesday, featuring sing-along songs from artists that topped the charts only once.MORE
  • 70’s at 7 on 96.1 SOX
    Celebrate the 1970’s every night with your favorite 70’s hits! Beginning at 7pm, prior to the 80’s at 8!  MORE
  • 80’s at 8 on 96.1 SOX
    A full hour of 80’s hit music as we celebrate the decade every weeknight! Beginning at 8pm, following the 70’s at 7!MORE
  • Question of the Day
    Are you the Smartest SOX Listener of the Day? Test your knowledge and impress your friends every weekday morning with the SOX Wake Up Crew. CLICK HERE to see past Questions and Answers in the Question of the Day archives. Recent Questions & Answers:MORE
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    We’re making it even easier for you to stay connected and listen live to 96.1 SOX wherever you go! Besides tuning in on your radio, you can also stream us your favorite station through your computer, smartphone, tablet, and your smart speaker.MORE

Question of the Day

Sep 22

Q: The average American adult will spend about 3-hours every week doing this… A: Complaining about work

Sep 21

Q: A new survey says this is the 3rd most hated food in America… A: Oysters (#1 Anchovies/#2 Black licorice)

Sep 20

Q: 4 out of 5 American adults own at least one of these and use it regularly… A: A promotional t-shirt