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Uncle Sams Giveaway

Uncle Sam's Giveaway

Try your luck and enter to win the Uncle Sam’s Giveaway for a chance at winning a $5,000 bailout!MORE

Win Tickets to the Mount Gretna Outdoor Art Show on August 19-20

Win Tickets to the Mount Gretna Outdoor Art Show on August 19-20

MOUNT GRETNA OUTDOOR ART SHOW August 19 & 20 – “Under the trees of Old Chautauqua” Over 150 exhibitors. Taste the gourmet food and enjoy live music. Show hours are 9am to 6pm, Saturday, and 9am to 5pm, Sunday, rain or shine. For tickets and info, go to Listen to the SOX Wake Up…MORE

Local Contest Rules

Click the links below to view our contest rules: Official Rules for General Station Contests National Contest Rules Archive 1964 The Tribute Ticket Giveaway – March 2024 Updated 3/22/24 CONTEST RULES ARCHIVE: Donny Osmond Ticket Giveaway – March 2024 Horse World Expo Ticket Giveaway – Feb 2024 Mac & Motors Festival Ticket Giveaway – Feb…MORE

Question of the Day

April 11

Q: This was the #1 answer to the question…what is the most important thing you need to live a fulfilling life… A: Friends

April 10

Q: Younger adults are more likely to consider this a deal breaker on a first date compared to older adults… A: If their date takes food from their plate

April 9

Q: Over half of Americans say they are so good at doing this, they may do it several times a day… A: Social media