Diane Grey


Diane Grey

Warning…the following story will be an up and down rollercoaster emotions mere mortals cannot comprehend. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll roll your eyes and smirk.

My story starts in Newark, NJ. The cultural mecca of the Garden State. After showing all the kids in the neighborhood who was boss by the age of three, my parents realized I needed a new challenge, so they moved me out to Upper Black Eddy, PA. Upper Black WHERE? Upper Black Eddy is located along the Delaware River in (the now very chi-chi) Upper Bucks County. You grow up tough in the country. What, with 4-mile walks to the nearest general store to get penny candy, fashioning myself into a human lawn dart after my horse would refuse a jump and walking down dark, narrow roads, dressed in black with a feeble, little flashlight for trick-or-treating, you can see that you need nerves of steel to survive a place like Upper Black Eddy.

After that, I was ready for anything. So I chose radio. I imagined the fame and fortune that awaited me. What I ended up with was a diet of Ramen noodles. But I really enjoyed the business and persevered and soon I worked my way up to Cup-O-Noodles.

I bounced from Doylestown, PA to Wilmington, DE, to Trenton, NJ, back to Wilmington, DE and then I started my morning show career in Allentown, PA. Amazingly enough, they kept me around for 12-years…which means I graduated to Spaghetti-O’s.

In late 2002 my (now ex)boyfriend whisked me away to the beautiful, thriving metropolis of Flint, Michigan.   I know, I know…you’re jealous. How could I blame you? I got a job at a country radio station which was a lot of fun and somehow managed to survive one of the most violent cities in the nation. However, my carefree romps in bulletproof clothing came to an end when I decided to move to Central PA. I’ve been in the area since 2007 and I’m so excited to be here at SOX working with such a great group of people.

As far as my away-from-work life goes…I have a cat (Clare) and a rabbit (Oliver) who demand a lot of time, attention and kibbles. I love sports and follow the Yankees, the Steelers and the Penguins. I eat most of my meals at home and use milk crates for furniture so I can go to Europe once a year. I’ve been to Ireland, England, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Iceland, Denmark, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. And yet, somehow I’ve missed Lichtenstein. I like to cook and I think my Mac & Cheese recipe is about the best EVER! See? It’s still all about the pasta.

I’ve got blisters on my fingers from typing so much and your eyes are now bloodshot so I’ll bring my little tale of tragedy and triumph to an end. Hope you took notes. There will be a quiz later…

BTW, thanks soooooo much for listening to 96.1 SOX every morning!

Question of the Day

Sept 29

Q: The first location of this national casual food chain was originally called Open Kettle A: Dunkin’ Donuts (Massachusetts)

Sept 28

Q: Before a hurricane, the two top-selling items at Walmart are beer and this snack… A: Pop-Tarts

Sept 25

Q: This 80s movie theme was a one-hit wonder for its composer who never had another song in the Top 100… A: Chariots of Fire by Vangelis