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June 23

A: Nearly 60-percent of people say this happens to them nearly every day… Q: They get a scam message or callMORE

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March 30

Q: A gambling obsession is responsible for this food invention… A: SandwichMORE

June 4

Q: A new survey says other than home, the place we’re most likely to cry is in the car…what was the 5th most popular place to cry… A: the grocery storeMORE

March 13

Q: 40% of adults say this is a trend that should just go away… A: Gender-reveal partiesMORE

March 11

Q: If you have one chances are you haven’t washed it in the past 6-months… A: Bath robeMORE

Sept. 26

Q: This American shop caused Xmas-like chaos when it opened for the 1st time in Dublin, Ireland… A: Krispy KremeMORE

May 22

Q: This happens to us about 1,400 times a year… A: DreamMORE

May 9

Q: This rock star says his autobiography was rejected because it didn’t have enough sex, drugs and rock & roll… A: Billy JoelMORE

April 8

Q: The number of women in this profession has doubled since 2000… A: VeterinariansMORE

Question of the Day

Dec 5

Q: A new survey says people take about 27-minutes to pick out the perfect one… A: Christmas card

Dec 4

Q: 39% of adults say this is something they’re really good at, but 4% say they’re terrible at it… A: Gift giving

Dec 1

Q: Food experts say this will be the next big super-food we can expect to find in all kinds of stuff in 2024… A: Buckwheat