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May 19

Q: 40% of adults say they don’t like to do this at a restaurant… A: Try a new dishMORE

May 18

Q: A recent poll says this is the 2nd most popular excuse to not work out… A: It’s raining (too tired was #1)MORE

May 17

Q: Accidents connected to this recreational item have increased 15% over the past decade… A: Golf cartsMORE

May 16

Q: 40% of adults say that thanks to online shopping they have this memorized… A: The 3-digit security code on the back of the credit cardMORE

May 15

Q: Just 3-years ago it was estimated that 14% of companies still used these… A: TypewritersMORE

May 12

Q: The average person eats close to 40 of these every year… A: BagelsMORE

May 11

Q: About 30% of American households say they have at least two of these… A: RefrigeratorsMORE

May 10

Q: 10-billion are printed every year and 8-billion are thrown out within a week of being received… A: Business cardsMORE

May 9

Q: A majority of parents say it was easier to do this with a baby girl than a baby boy… A: Pick a nameMORE

May 8

Q: 33% of adults admit to this bad habit that they’ve done since they were a kid… A: Chew on pencils/pensMORE

Question of the Day

June 5

Q: 40% of people say while they’ve never done this, they’d be willing to try it… A: Hot air balloon ride

June 2

Q: Americans spend $700-mil a year on pet costumes, but only $558-mil a year on this essential item for people… A: Dental floss

June 1

Q: In the early ’70s about 15% of kids did this nearly every day…now it’s over 60%… A: Get driven to school by a parent