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July 26

Q: 20% of people say they prefer to eat this dish with a spoon… A: Mac and cheeseMORE

July 25

Q: The average person does this about 4-times a month… A: Eats food off the floorMORE

July 22

Q: Nearly 20% of adults say they never got to do this when they were kids… A: buy ice cream from a truckMORE

July 21

Q: You just need a million dollars if you want to rent one of these… A: A panda (from Chinese government)MORE

July 20

Q: Scientists who study the behavior of crows say this is the best food to use because it’s their favorite snack… A: CheetosMORE

July 19

Q: 70% of people say when they buy these, they go for style and not safety… A: SunglassesMORE

July 18

Q: About 130-million Americans do this every year… usually in the summer… A: Play mini golfMORE

July 15

Q: Women are more likely to do this compared to men… A: Buy products seen on a tv ad or infomercialMORE

July 14

Q: 25% of drivers say they’ve nearly been in an accident because of this… A: Sun glareMORE

July 13

Q: Even tho people make fun of them, over 100-million are purchased every year… A: CrocsMORE

Question of the Day

Aug 9

Q: The wealthier a household, the more likely they are to have a car with this feature… A: Stick shift

Aug 8

Q: Pet owners say this is the most annoying thing their pet does… A: Throw up on the carpet

Aug 5

Q: A survey of kids says they think this is the most annoying part of a road trip with their parents… A: Their parents singing in the car