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Feb 12

Q: It’s something quite small that many of us use nearly every day, and nearly every single one of them is made in a family factory out West… A: Plastic Bread clips/tabsMORE

Feb 11

Q: About 15-percent of cars on the road are driving around with this problem…. A: A crack in the windshieldMORE

Feb 10

Q: Due to the pandemic there are 4-million of these sitting in warehouses across the U.S.A… A: Major League Baseball bobbleheadsMORE

Feb 9

Q: If you do not do this during an interview…2/3rds of hiring managers will turn you down for a job… A: Make eye contactMORE

Feb 8

Q: This creature has more tastebuds than any other on earth or water… A: Catfish (175,000 all over body) (humans have 10,000)MORE

Feb 5

Q: Sunglasses were originally invented to hide the eyes of people belonging to this profession… A: JudgesMORE

Feb 4

Q: Health experts say you may fall asleep faster if you have on of these in your house… A: a fish tankMORE

Feb 3

Q: Kids are most likely to play with these, but they could be used to pollinate crops and orchards in the future… A: Soap bubblesMORE

Feb 2

Q: You’ll find 12-thousand of these on the world’s largest cruise ship. It’s something you see on land every day… A: TreesMORE

Feb 1

Q: About 2/3rds of us admit that we should be able to do this simple repair on our vehicle, but have no idea… A: Replace windshield wiper bladesMORE

Question of the Day

March 1

Q: While health experts say this is something you should do every day…only about 10-percent of people do… A: Weigh themselves

Feb 26

Q: Men usually get one of these every two years… A: New belt

Feb 25

Q: About 1/3rd of women say they do this when they’re expecting company… A: Light a candle