Give Local York: Support Local Non-Profits on May 2nd-3rd

In 2023, Give Local York made history by raising $4.64 MILLION for more than 330 nonprofits in our community.

Mark your calendars for Thursday, May 2 to Friday, May 3 as Give Local York returns and we work together to make this the biggest day of giving in York County history!

96.1 SOX is proud to be a media partner for the big event to bring in donations and raise awareness for so many of York County’s great non-profits. You can learn more about participating non-profits and see how you can get involved at

Question of the Day

April 11

Q: This was the #1 answer to the question…what is the most important thing you need to live a fulfilling life… A: Friends

April 10

Q: Younger adults are more likely to consider this a deal breaker on a first date compared to older adults… A: If their date takes food from their plate

April 9

Q: Over half of Americans say they are so good at doing this, they may do it several times a day… A: Social media