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Electric planes herald new era for aviation at the Paris Air Show

Airlines ordered tens of billions of dollars worth of new aircraft from Airbus and Boeing at the Paris Air Show this week. But there was also huge interest in the planes of tomorrow. The rise of hybrid and electric aircraft was on full display at the biannual aviation showcase, where startups competed with industry giants…MORE

Supreme Court upholds the scope of federal sex offender registration law

The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the scope of a federal sex offender registration law. The 2006 Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act requires sex offenders to register with the National Sex offender registry and update their registration when they travel or move. A Maryland man argued that Congress had unlawfully left it up to…MORE

Carrie Underwood, NFL and NBC sued over ‘Sunday Night Football’ song

Carrie Underwood, the NFL and NBC have been hit with a lawsuit that accuses them of plagiarizing the “Sunday Night Football” theme song. Singer Heidi Merrill and three songwriting collaborators filed the lawsuit Wednesday in federal court in Manhattan, claiming she created a song in 2016 called “Game On” and pitched it to Underwood’s producer,…MORE

NBA draft 2019: Zion Williamson era set to begin

Zion Williamson going No. 1 to the New Orleans Pelicans may be all but certain, but the NBA draft still has the potential to be a roller coaster ride. It would be crazy if New Orleans doesn’t take Williamson as the No. 1 overall pick Thursday in New York. It’s also assumed the the Memphis…MORE

African female footballers face uphill battle to play a ‘man’s game’

Football in Africa is a game some people believe should only be played by men. To avoid parental disapproval, some women have to sneak out of their homes just to play. Players are trolled for their gender, and let’s not even mention the gender pay gap. Thousands of miles away from that grassroots reality, there…MORE

Senators receive classified briefing on UFO sightings

A group of US senators, including the vice chair of the Senate Intelligence committee, received a classified briefing Wednesday about a series of reported encounters by the US Navy with unidentified aircraft, according to a congressional aide. “If pilots at Oceana or elsewhere are reporting flight hazards that interfere with training or put them at…MORE

Georgians received an alarming test alert for a ‘radiological hazard’

Many Georgians got a terrifying wake-up call Thursday morning after their phones received a test emergency alert notification about a radiological hazard. When the alert alarm sounded around 8 a.m., residents picked up their phones to find a disconcerting message: “EAS Radiological Hazard Warning THIS IS A TEST.” The alert was sent by Georgia’s Emergency…MORE

New stripped-down Freddie Mercury tune is unearthed from 1985

Before recording the final version of “Time,” Freddie Mercury sang a stripped-down version for singer/producer Dave Clark, accompanied only by a piano. Clark met the Queen frontman in 1985, when the two recorded music at London’s Abbey Road Studios. There, they recorded “Time,” the title track from Mercury’s sci-fi rock musical. But before recording the…MORE

Question of the Day

June 20

Q: About 20% of people say they always have one of these in their car… A: Lucky charm

June 19

Q: Researchers say kids will learn another language better and faster if they do this as well… A: Learn an instrument

June 18

Q: Researchers say dogs really love it when we do this to them… A: Smile at them