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Aug 6

Q: The average person uses about 8-of these a day… A: PasswordsMORE

Aug 5

Q: This children’s toy was originally marketed as a paperweight… A: Magic 8 BallMORE

Aug 2

Q: This artist created over 1,100 paintings during his career, but not one will be sold… A:  Bob RossMORE

Aug 1

Q: You’re most likely to do this between 6pm-8pm… A: CryMORE

July 31

Q: There’s a website that’s willing to hook you up with a stranger willing to rent this to you by the hour… A: Their swimming poolMORE

July 30

Q: A study says wealthy people are more likely to do this while driving… A: Cut people offMORE

July 29

Q: Scientists say doing this can boost a man’s testosterone by up to 40%… A: Chopping woodMORE

July 26

Q: If you do this for 3-hours every day, over the course of the year it uses the same amount of energy as running 10-marathons… A: StandingMORE

July 24

Q: 4-billion people own cell phones, but only 3.5-billion people own one of these… A: ToothbrushMORE

July 23

Q: Researchers say asthma symptoms can be alleviated by doing this wild activity… A:  Ride a roller coasterMORE

Question of the Day

Aug 21

Q:  Experts say this is one simple thing you should do if you want to be safer while driving.   A:  Avoid Left Hand Turns

Aug 19

Q: In southern Iraq they make a candy using this unique ingredient… A:  Pollen from a flower

Aug 16

Q: The average household has about 20-of these tucked away… A: Gift bags