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Jan 31

Q: Only about 300 to 900 of these are produced every year in America… A: Super Bowl ringsMORE

Jan 30

Q: About 25% of people say they’re more likely to do this for their pets than their family or friends… A: Hug them every dayMORE

Jan 29

Q: Scientists say you shouldn’t do this to your houseplant because it doesn’t like it at all… A: Touch itMORE

Jan 28

Q: About 20% of people say they’re too afraid to do this at home… A: Clean the fridgeMORE

Jan 25

Q: Employees are less likely to make mistakes at work if this is available… A: Music (so keep your SOX on!)MORE

Jan 24

Q: 1-in-25 drivers admit to doing this over the past month… A: Falling asleep at the wheelMORE

Jan 23

Q: Nearly 20% of employees admit they have taken this home from work… A: Copier paperMORE

Jan 22

Q: Fewer than 1-in-10 women can say they have this… A: Natural blonde hairMORE


Q: Parents will spend a total of 41-days of their kid’s childhood doing this with them… A: ArguingMORE

Jan 17

Q: They say we should expect to get about 105 of these a year… A: A good night’s sleepMORE

Question of the Day

Feb 15

Q: At least 5-people die every year after eating this…and they ate it even tho they knew it could kill them… A: Pufferfish/Blowfish

Feb 14

Q:  This is true of about 1/3 of men on Valentine’s Day   A: They Don’t Want Anything

Feb 13

Q: Every year about 9-million people do this for Valentine’s Day… A:  Buy a gift for their pet