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April 4

Q: They say you should do this for a total of 20-seconds a day… A:  Hug someoneMORE

April 3

Q: When you’re in the kitchen, health experts say this is the one thing you shouldn’t wash/rinse… A: Raw chickenMORE

April 2

Q: They say you should not have more than 350-of these… A: Facebook friendsMORE

April 1

Q: Scientists say crunching on one of these can help eliminate mental fatigue… A: A pickleMORE

March 29

Q: This happens about 73,000 times every baseball season… A: Foul ballMORE

March 28

Q: Thought to be almost obsolete, use of these has increased over the past few years… A: Fax machinesMORE

March 27

Q: Before they settled on ice cream “Ben & Jerry” wanted to make a different type of food… A: BagelsMORE

March 26

Q: Only one person has been hit by one and survived… A: MeteoriteMORE

March 26

Q: As far as anyone knows, only one person has ever been hit by one and survived… A: MeteoriteMORE

March 25

Q: It’s illegal to do this while driving in Maryland if you happen to be near any people… A: CurseMORE

Question of the Day

April 18

Q: 25% of people say it’s rude for house guests to ask for this… A: WiFi password

April 17

Q: At least 1/3rd of adults have been late to work because they did this… A: Turned around after leaving their cellphone at home

April 16

Q: These were originally bred for food, but not too many people eat them these days… A: Peacocks