Reports: NFL won’t fine Clowney for hit on Wentz

The hit that ended Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz’s season apparently will go unpunished.Multiple media outlets reported Friday night that the NFL will not fine Seattle Seahawks defensive end Jadeveon Clowney for a helmet-to-helmet hit last Sunday in the first quarter of a wild-card playoff game.Wentz exited amid concerns about a concussion, and he didn’t return in a game that Seattle ultimately won 17-9.Clowney wasn’t penalized on the play. Wentz was running, and Clowney was tackling him from behind when the defender’s helmet hit the back of the quarterback’s helmet.Referee Shawn Smith, speaking with a pool reporter, said the officials ruled the helmet contact as “incidental.””He was a runner and he did not give himself up,” Smith said.

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