Report: Eagles won’t have Ertz or Sanders on Thursday

Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz is out 3-4 weeks with an ankle injury and running back Miles Sanders will miss Thursday night’s game with a knee injury, ESPN reported Monday.Both were injured during Sunday’s 30-28 loss to the Baltimore Ravens in Philadelphia.The Eagles (1-4-1) will play host to the New York Giants (1-5) on Thursday night.Sanders rushed for 118 yards on just nine carries Sunday, including a 74-yard run. Ertz caught four passes (on 10 targets) for 33 yards.

Question of the Day

Nov 23

Q: This South Pacific university is currently accepting this item that you could find in the produce department as tuition… A: Coconuts

Nov 20

Q: Legend has it, in the Wild West a way to cure this ailment was with a tea made of rabbit poop… A: Hangover

Nov 19

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