Philadelphia clarifies: Eagles might have fans in stands

A day after suggesting that no fans would be permitted at Eagles home games this season, the city of Philadelphia clarified the message on Wednesday.The mayor’s office provided a statement that said the moratorium on large events through the end of February, announced Tuesday, “does not apply to stadiums or other private property,” but that doesn’t give the Eagles the green light to open the gates at Lincoln Financial Field yet.”Specifically, with regards to the 2020 NFL season, the Eagles and City of Philadelphia remain in close communication,” the statement added. “Both entities are committed to the health and safety of the players, employees, fans, and community. The City and the Eagles have been working together during this time and will continue to do so. The Eagles have been planning for a variety of scenarios in accordance with League protocols, as well as local and state guidelines.”Current restrictions in the city prohibit outdoor events on public property involving more than 50 people. Although the stadium is privately owned, events at the venue must meet guidelines of the city health department. It is “a fluid situation, and this policy is under constant review,” the mayor’s office said.The city’s managing director, Brian Abernathy, told the Philadelphia Inquirer on Tuesday that the Eagles and MLB’s Philadelphia Phillies would not be allowed to have fans at games this season. The Phillies already announced they will play in an empty stadium.Meanwhile, the Denver Broncos announced Wednesday that their stadium capacity will be limited this season. No specifics regarding capacity were provided.

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