Ian Hunter Announces Star-Studded New Album ‘Defiance Part 1’

Ian Hunter Announces Star-Studded New Album ‘Defiance Part 1’

Ian Hunter has announced that his star-studded new album, Defiance Part 1, will be released on April 21 via Sun Records.

The upcoming album features guest appearances by Johnny Depp, Joe Elliott, Billy Gibbons, Duff McKagan, Todd Rundgren, Slash, Jeff Tweedy, Robert Trujillo, Waddy Wachtel, Brad Whitford, Dean DeLeo, and Robert De Leo and Eric Kretz of Stone Temple Pilots), in addition to the late Jeff Beck and Taylor Hawkins.

The legendary rock star released the nostalgic lead single, “Bed Of Roses,” featuring guitarist Mike Campbell and drums by Ringo Starr.

The song is available at all DSPs and streaming services. It is accompanied by a music video on YouTube.

Speaking about the presence of an array of guest stars, Hunter said, “It was a fluke. This was not planned. Really, I’m serious. I really couldn’t believe some of them. I mean, it’s amazing what’s happened. It’s been such a buzz.”

Fans can expect the second part of the album, titled, Defiance Part 2.

Defiance Part 1 Track Listing:

1. “Defiance”2. “Bed of Roses”3. “No Hard Feelings”4. “Pavlov’s Dog”5. “Don’t Tread on Me”6. “Guernica”7. “I Hate Hate”8. “Angel”9. “Kiss N’ Make Up”10. “This Is What I’m Here For”11. “I Hate Hate” (Alternate Version)

(Photo: Sun Records)

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