Eagles’ Pederson on virus: ‘This is our new normal’

Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson said he’s not worried about the coronavirus impacting his team — yet.In a videoconference with reporters Monday, Pederson said he has faith in the NFL’s protocols surrounding the virus, even though it has hit close to home.The Miami Marlins, who opened their season in Philadelphia with a three-game series against the Phillies, are quarantining in the city after at least 13 players and coaches tested positive for COVID-19. Their home opener against the Baltimore Orioles, scheduled for Monday night, was called off as the team undergoes another round of testing.The Phillies’ game against the New York Yankees on Monday also was postponed.”We understand that the virus is real, and we do everything we can, in our power, to stay safe, protecting ourselves when we’re in the building, protecting our players,” said Pederson, who is embarking on his fifth season as head coach.”It’s unfortunate what has happened, but we do have a lengthy set of protocols that we have to abide by, and this is our new normal right now.”

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Oct 21

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Oct 20

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