Eagles back to prohibiting fans at home games

The Philadelphia Eagles will reverse course and prohibit fans from attending home games at Lincoln Financial Field moving forward.The change was implemented because of a recent rise in COVID-19 cases in the Philadelphia area. The Eagles have three more regular-season games remaining on their home schedule, starting with a Monday night game on Nov. 30 against the Seattle Seahawks.The Eagles did not allow fans into their first two games: Sept. 20 against the Los Angeles Rams (a 37-19 defeat) and Sept. 27 against the Cincinnati Bengals (a 23-23 tie).

Question of the Day

Nov 23

Q: This South Pacific university is currently accepting this item that you could find in the produce department as tuition… A: Coconuts

Nov 20

Q: Legend has it, in the Wild West a way to cure this ailment was with a tea made of rabbit poop… A: Hangover

Nov 19

Q: The global market for this unique food item and holiday gift is expected to reach almost 5-billion dollars by 2025… A: Chia seeds