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FDA extends Covid-19 vaccine meeting to allow public input

FDA extends Covid-19 vaccine meeting to allow public input

The US Food and Drug Administration has added extra time to a daylong meeting Thursday of its vaccine advisers, who are gathering to discuss a potential coronavirus vaccine. The meeting will now include at least an hour and a half for public input, according to an agenda posted online. The agency has been working to…MORE

Possible new organ in the human throat discovered by Dutch scientists

It’s hard to imagine there is a part of the human body that’s gone unnoticed by doctors after centuries of medical research. But that’s exactly what a group of scientists from the Netherlands believe. They said they have discovered a pair of previously overlooked glands that are hidden away in our skulls where the nasal…MORE

Question of the Day

Oct 21

Q: People who do this at least 10-times a month say they experience withdrawal symptoms if their routine is stopped… A: Tanning

Oct 20

Q: If this is something you like to do regularly, it could tack on an extra 18-months to your life… A: Read books

Oct 19

Q: More people have been doing this in the kitchen due to the pandemic… A: Canning fruits and veggies