The Giant Gas & Groceries Giveaway on 96.1 SOX

The Giant Gas & Groceries Giveaway on 96.1 SOX 
starts Monday, May 20th

Listen to the SOX Wake Up Crew each weekday to find out that day’s winning hour. Then, listen for the Giant Gas & Groceries keyword during the winning hour.

When you hear the Gas & Groceries keyword, text it to 717-901-5427 and you could win a $500 gift card to Giant Food Stores. Every Thursday, we’ll double the prize to a $1,000 gift card to Giant Food Stores.

GIANT makes saving on summer favorites a picnic with their best weekly deals, GIANT brand products and Choice rewards! Now earn two times choice points on all fresh produce like corn, watermelon, berries and more!

Contest Rules

Question of the Day

May 20

Q: It may seem hard to believe, but sales of this item increased by 440-percent from 2015 to 2022. A: Cassette Tapes

May 17

Q: 40% of people say this is an item they always replace before it stops working… A: Windshield wipers

May 16

Q: A recent poll says if you’re going to do this, chances are you’re going to do it at 6:59pm… A: Have a glass of wine