The Giant Gas & Groceries Giveaway on 96.1 SOX

The Giant Gas & Groceries Giveaway on 96.1 SOX 

Listen to the SOX Wake Up Crew each weekday to find out that day’s winning hour. Then, listen for the Giant Gas & Groceries keyword during the winning hour.

When you hear the Gas & Groceries keyword, text it to 717-901-5427 and you could win a $500 gift card to Giant Food Stores. Every Thursday, we’ll double the prize to a $1,000 gift card to Giant Food Stores.

GIANT has new Bonus Buy Savings every week, so you’re always getting a great deal on groceries. Plus you save even more with GIANT brand products. Shop at GIANT and Grocery Like A Pro.

Contest Rules

Question of the Day

June 24

Q: 65% of women say they don’t believe their man when he tells her this… A: “I’m sick”

June 21

Q: 21% of parents say this bad bathroom habit their children do drives them crazy… A: Leaving wet towels on the floor

June 20

Q: When it comes to your vehicle, you’re more likely to do this if you drive an SUV compared to a sedan or pick-up… A: Sing along with the radio