Rutter’s Free Gas Giveaway – Begins May 16th

Listen to WIN starting Monday, May 16th for the


on 96.1 SOX sponsored by Rutter’s.

Each weekday someone is guaranteed to win $500 in FREE GAS from Rutter’s and Every Thursday will be extra special with $1,000 THURSDAY where someone is guaranteed to win $1000 inFREE GAS from Rutter’s!

Listen each weekday morning at 7:43, the SOX Wake Up Crew will announce the winning hour for that day. Then listen for the Free Gas Giveaway cue-to-call during that hour.  When you hear it, be caller #50 at 717-901-5GAS. That’s 717-901-5427. Caller #50 wins the $500 Rutter’s gift card for that day, or $1,000 gift card on a Thursday!

Contest Rules

Question of the Day

May 16

Q: Up to 50-million people temporarily suffer from this every year… A: Poison ivy

May 13

Q: If you’re going to choose one, you’ll probably pick a blue one… A: Toothbrush

May 12

Q: Some health experts say you should never bring these into the house… A: Shoes