York County Literacy Council – Buck A Book Reading Program

Join us in supporting the York County Literacy Council

BUCK A BOOK Reading Program

Reading week is January 18-24, 2021.
Students can read books, recruit sponsors, and earn prizes.
Register now at buckabook-yclc.org to participate.

About Buck A Book:

The dollars raised through the BUCK A BOOK® reading program support York County Literacy Council. We are an educational organization, providing classes for adults in York County who struggle with reading. In addition, we have High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED) or GED exam classes to instruct students as they work to pass their HSED exam. Pre Nurse Aide Classes, ELL Classes and Citizenship Classes are also provided. Our workshops help students in their career advancement.

We also train volunteer tutors to provide one-to-one literacy training for adult students. We teach both native born adults as well as English Language Learners. It is estimated there are approximately 40,000 adults in York County who are functionally illiterate. Serving over 1,000 students in 2019/2020, our services are free and confidential.

Question of the Day

Jan 21

Q: In Germany and Sweden, you will rarely find this on a luxury automobile… A: The model name on the outside

Jan 20

Q: One-third of people admit to eating this after it has been left out all night… A: Pizza

Jan 19

Q: In 2014 the nation had shortage of this food item…(thanks to fast food) A: Egg whites