2020 Heart Walks in Central PA

Help the American Heart Association by participating in a Heart Walk

Help the American Heart Association get America walking by supporting the 2020 Heart Walks. As the signature fundraising event for the American Heart Association, the Heart Walk promotes physical activity and heart-healthy living in a fun family environment. The Heart Walk will create hope, inspire change and celebrate success for all participants who commit to fighting cardiovascular disease and stroke in their own lives.

NOTE: These events have transitioned into virtual heart walks, due to restrictions from COVID-19.

We’re all aware of how our lives are different now due to COVID-19 and this year’s Heart Walk celebration will be too. While our traditional event will not be held in person this year, we are just as excited because we want this to be the biggest Heart Walk you’ve seen yet. Together, we will reach more people, stay active and raise critical funds to save lives! And we will do so in fun, new ways.

This year, we will walk together as ONE because so much is at stake. COVID-19 has only strengthened our resolve because 40% of those hospitalized due to COVID-19 are stroke survivors or people with heart disease. We’re investing in new research and training front line workers, while we continue the fight against heart disease and stroke.

Make sure everyone on your team is registered so they do not miss out on the details coming soon! Then, get ready to “lace up” and walk where you are, with us September 1-30, 2020. Share your selfies and comment along the way!

September 1st – 30th – Adams/Mason Dixon VIRTUAL Heart Walk Experience
Walk where you are!
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September 1st – 30th – Lancaster VIRTUAL Heart Walk Celebration
Walk where you are!
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September 1st – 30th – York VIRTUAL Heart Walk Campaign
Walk where you are!
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Question of the Day

Sept 29

Q: The first location of this national casual food chain was originally called Open Kettle A: Dunkin’ Donuts (Massachusetts)

Sept 28

Q: Before a hurricane, the two top-selling items at Walmart are beer and this snack… A: Pop-Tarts

Sept 25

Q: This 80s movie theme was a one-hit wonder for its composer who never had another song in the Top 100… A: Chariots of Fire by Vangelis