Report: Eagles likely to pick up Foles’ option

The Philadelphia Eagles reportedly will pick up quarterback Nick Foles’ $20 million contract option for 2019.NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported Saturday that there is no guarantee, however, that Foles remains with the team and laid out the possible options.Once the option is exercised, Foles could pay the Eagles $2 million to buy his way out of the contract to become a free agent. But, Rapoport said, Philadelphia at that point could put the franchise tag on Foles and search for a trade partner.ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Saturday that the franchise tag is expected for Foles and that other teams have contacted the Eagles about his potential availability.If the Eagles, however, allow him to become a free agent, they would receive a compensatory draft pick, Rapoport said.”Either way, it’s a little bit of a game of chicken right now,” he said. “We do not know how the Eagles are going to proceed after Foles gives them $2 million back for his freedom.”

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April 18

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April 17

Q: At least 1/3rd of adults have been late to work because they did this… A: Turned around after leaving their cellphone at home

April 16

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