Panthers’ Reid labels Eagles’ Jenkins ‘sellout’ after skirmish

Following a pregame skirmish at midfield and heated words before and throughout the Panthers-Eagles game Sunday, Carolina safety Eric Reid ripped Philadelphia counterpart Malcolm Jenkins by calling him a sellout in a disagreement over the ongoing national anthem controversy.Reid, starting his third game since signing with the Panthers in late September, was teammates with former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick in 2016. The sixth-year veteran Reid was the first player to kneel alongside Kaepernick during the national anthem that season in protest of social injustice.Jenkins had been one of many NFL players to join the two former 49ers in kneeling during the pregame anthem. But the Eagles co-captain, co-founder of the Players Coalition, stopped his anthem protest after the league agreed to around $90 million in donations to causes in a joint venture meant to help find a solution to last year’s red-hot controversy.Reid publicly split from the Players Coalition last year, disagreeing with Jenkins over Kaepernick not being invited to meetings, and brought his anger over the situation to the field Sunday in a series of incidents.The two players shouted at each other before warmups before an irate Reid had to be held back from Jenkins as the Eagles’ defense was introduced prior to the game. After Reid again kneeled during the performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” he charged Jenkins as captains approached midfield for the coin toss, with several players separating the two.During the game as the Panthers were on defense, Reid was seen several times jawing at the Eagles’ sideline where Jenkins was located.After the game, Reid stated his position and frustration about Jenkins.”We believe a lot of players should have stepped up for Colin,” Reid told reporters after the Panthers’ 21-17 win. “I believe Malcolm capitalized on the situation. He co-opted the movement that was started by Colin to get his organization funded. It’s cowardly. He sold us out.”

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