Foles wants great Wentz career, even at his expense

After propelling Philadelphia to the first Super Bowl title in franchise history, Nick Foles was offered a prime opportunity to lead his own team in another city. The Eagles, likewise, could have parlayed their backup quarterback’s playoff heroics into valuable draft capital as they attempt to build a dynasty around Carson Wentz.So why is Foles still sporting the visor and clipboard as the NFL’s most overqualified backup?The short answer is because all parties involved are happy, satisfied and hungry for a chance to enjoy similar experiences and achievements that might just bring about an even greater level of fulfillment in 2018.In an enlightening interview with FOX Sports’ First Things First on Wednesday, Foles explained the “great dynamic” that has made the Eagles’ quarterback room the envy of the league.”Carson’s a tremendous player. He’s going to be a great player in this league a long time,” Foles said. “Just having those open discussions in the locker room, starting with your friendship first and then [as] teammates genuinely caring for one another, that means when he’s out there he knows I’m not out there vying for him to get hurt or something.”I want him to succeed, I want him to stay healthy the entire season, I want him to have a great career … even at the expense of me not playing. But that’s where I’ve got to put my ego aside and say, Hey, this what’s best for the team. I can still be a leader in the locker room but just in my lane.”It’s an admirable attitude, one that will serve him well as Wentz’s caddy throughout the upcoming season. But Foles realizes the current honeymoon climate comes with an expiration date.”I would love to play in Philly the rest of my career. I love the city,” Foles acknowledged. “But I know that’s not the situation. I want Carson to have an amazing career there, be a legend there. I’m just excited about this season and we’ll see what happens after that.”Yet to turn 30 years old, Foles reiterated his stance that he would “love the opportunity” to lead his own team. It’s just that he’s understandably leery of leaving football nirvana for a potentially “toxic environment.”

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