Eagles add GM back to Roseman’s title

Howie Roseman is again general manager of the Philadelphia Eagles.Roseman, executive vice president of football operations since 2015, was operating in a de facto GM role with the team. He formally held the position for four seasons but gave it up during Chip Kelly’s run as head coach.Instrumental in constructing a Super Bowl roster in 2017, Roseman helped make the moves needed to draft Carson Wentz and last week signed off on the quarterback’s new contract. He also was vital in selecting head coach Doug Pederson as Kelly’s replacement.On Thursday, Roseman’s GM title was restored as Joe Douglas left the Eagles to become general manager of the New York Jets.Douglas was the Eagles’ vice president of player personnel.

Question of the Day

July 16

Q: A study says eating 2-servings of this every week could help elderly people avoid cognitive impairment… A: Mushrooms

July 15

Q: The National Watch & Clock Museum in Columbia opened in 1977. Which artist had the #1 song that year? A: Rod Stewart (Tonight’s the Night)

July 12

Q: The U.S.Coast guard once seized $30,000 worth of this item, the largest seizure of its kind… A: Garlic