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Half-Price Golf Cards: On Sale Now

Half-Price Golf Cards: On Sale Now

Spring is here and so are the Sweet Deals Half-Price Golf Cards. We have three great cards to choose from this year. Each features several great courses and is good for a round of 18-holes with a golf cart at each of the courses listed on the card. Plus, there are no restrictions so you…MORE

March 11

Q:  This popular breakfast dish was originally created as a hangover cure…   A:  Eggs BenedictMORE

March 8

Q:  At one time Turkish women were allowed to divorce their husbands if their husbands could not supply enough….   A:  CoffeeMORE

Feb 27

Q:  In a recent survey of bad workplace habits..which one was said to be the worst   A:  Loud Talking…MORE

Feb 26

Q:  Researchers say anxious people should do this to relieve their stress. No drugs or medications are involved.   A:  Watch a horror movieMORE

Feb 25

Q:  Statistics show men drivers are more likely to do this than women drivers..   A:  Lock their keys in a vehicleMORE

Feb 14

Q:  This is true of about 1/3 of men on Valentine’s Day   A: They Don’t Want AnythingMORE

Jan 14

Q: Apparently, if you want this particular item to work more efficiently, you should keep it in the refrigerator?   A: Plastic WrapMORE

Dec 3

Q: Nearly 2/3rds of adults say this is something they usually do on vacation?   A: Eat DessertMORE

Oct 29

Q:  The average one is used maybe 5 to 7 times   A:  BaseballMORE

Question of the Day

July 16

Q: A study says eating 2-servings of this every week could help elderly people avoid cognitive impairment… A: Mushrooms

July 15

Q: The National Watch & Clock Museum in Columbia opened in 1977. Which artist had the #1 song that year? A: Rod Stewart (Tonight’s the Night)

July 12

Q: The U.S.Coast guard once seized $30,000 worth of this item, the largest seizure of its kind… A: Garlic